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SoWashCo CARES founder and SoWashCo Community Education Youth Programs Coordinator Honored by the City of Cottage Grove

Cheryl Jogger, SoWashCo CARES Founder, and Sue McKeown, SoWashCo Community Education Youth Programs Coordinator, were recently recognized by the City of Cottage Grove.

Sue volunteers, coordinates events and manages the Community Education Youth Financial Assistance Fund. From July 2021-June 2022 she helped fund 470 youth programs and provided more than $41,000 in financial assistance to participants. You can also find her coordinating Skoolie bus events - offering engaging activities for youth, free food, fun games and connections to community partners to help our neighborhoods.

Cheryl is the face, and founder, of the SoWashCo Cares Foundation. She not only works to serve the basic needs of shelter, food and clothing for people in our community, but she's also setting up the future of the foundation. Through community partnerships and business collaborations, she is working daily to better serve the students, staff and families of SoWashCo Schools.

Thank you Sue and Cheryl for making sure students from all backgrounds are seen and heard in our community.