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Randy Spring Named a Finalist for SHAPE TOY

Randy Spring Named a Finalist for SHAPE TOY
Randy Spring - LRES

Randy Spring is helping his students at Liberty Ridge Elementary School (LRES) be seen, be heard and be bold while building lifelong skills in a fun and engaging way. 

When you enter the gymnasium at LRES, the first thing you see is a big banner created by the LRES Physical Education teachers that says “I notice you. I care about you. I want you to Succeed. Love, your P.E. Teacher.” Mr. Spring and his team live by those words and make sure every single student knows it. 

He has helped develop lessons that help students build confidence in themselves and feel included regardless of their abilities and make sure students are moving from the moment they walk into the gym. Whether they realize it or not, students are learning teamwork, listening skills, fine motor skills, social-emotional skills and so much more, all while having fun.

Last month, Mr. Spring was named SHAPE America's 2023 Central District Elementary Teacher of the year. He is now a top five finalist for the award of SHAPE America's 2023 National Elementary P.E. Teacher of the Year.