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Racial Equity and Inclusion Policy Approved

During its regularly scheduled business meeting on Thursday, Aug. 26, the School Board approved several policies including updates to the racial equity and inclusion policy. The policy furthers the district’s core value of promoting educational equity and inclusion for each student, staff and family member. 

SoWashCo Schools continues to work toward connecting a student’s culture, language and life experiences with what they learn in school. These connections help students access challenging curriculum and develop higher-level academic skills. The policy creates expectations to ensure students, staff and families are respected and valued for who they are regardless of their culture, race or ethnicity.

The policy does not create new curriculum. SoWashCo Schools curriculum is based on state standards and is designed to meet the needs of each student. As always, students learn about current events, history based on facts and how those events affect society. The racial equity and inclusion policy, in part:

  • Creates expectations to include people from various races and ethnicities to help examine issues and to design solutions rather than creating one-time situational fixes.

  • Develops the personal, professional and organizational skills and knowledge of its employees to enable them to address the role and presence of racism. 

  • Eliminates practices and procedures that result in predictably lower academic achievement for any student racial group compared to their peers. 

  • Reaffirms the racial equity resolution approved by the School Board on Nov. 19, 2020, in a 7-0 roll call vote.

The policy also creates official recognition of the Indigenous land acknowledgement as an expression of gratitude and appreciation to those whose territory we reside on, and a way of honoring the Indigenous people.

Everyone’s experience in life may be different, but we are committed to equity and continuous improvement so that all students placed in our care can be successful. That will not change. We ask for your support as we work to make SoWashCo Schools a district where all feel welcome. 

You can review the full policy here