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May is Get Caught Reading Month

May is Get Caught Reading Month

May is Get Caught Reading Month. All month long, wherever you go, SoWashCo Schools challenges every one of all ages to get caught reading! 

Reading together as a family can be a wonderful bonding experience and also helps promote literacy and critical thinking skills in children. Here are some helpful tips to encourage you and your family to get caught reading.

Make Reading Fun: Incorporate fun activities into reading time, like acting out scenes from the book, making crafts related to the story, or even cooking a recipe inspired by the book.

Actively Engage with the Text: Encourage participation by asking questions, discussing the plot and characters, and making predictions. This helps enhance comprehension and critical thinking skills. Another way to engage with the text is to write about what you’re reading. Young readers can draw their favorite part, and older readers can create a video book review. 

Lead by Example: Let your children see you reading for pleasure. Children often mimic the behavior of their parents, so if they see you enjoying books, they're more likely to develop a love for reading themselves. Or try to see things through your child’s perspective and read the books and texts they are reading. It’s a great way to understand what they enjoy.