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Knitting Connections at Red Rock

Knitting Connections at Red Rock
red rock hats

Emma Monson, a 5th-grade teacher at Red Rock Elementary, inspired by an online trend surprised her students with custom winter-wear unknowingly designed by the students themselves. 

Earlier this year Monson gave her students blank hat templates and asked them to color them in with any design of their choice. 

“A few students asked why they were coloring them in, but I told them not to worry about it,” Monson said.

After collecting their designs, Monson and her family knit all 29 hats. Each hat took roughly 3 hours to complete, totaling over 90 hours of knitting. 3 weeks after the students completed their designs Monson surprised them with their custom hats.

“They were so excited, I had multiple students wear them all day at school for the next few days,” said Monson.