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Information on Hoax Threats to SoWashCo Schools

Information on Hoax Threats to SoWashCo Schools

Dear South Washington County Schools family,

We are writing to share information about a hoax that included a mention of threats to South Washington County Schools.

This particular hoax includes nondescript threats and has been deemed not credible by law enforcement agencies including the Cottage Grove and Woodbury police departments and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA). 

SoWashCo Schools takes all threats seriously and works closely with law enforcement when these types of messages are received. These messages were received after school hours last night in Cottage Grove and this morning in Woodbury. Police quickly investigated and deemed the messages to be not credible.

We are not the only community that received this type of hoax message. Messages like this have been spread in communities across the Twin Cities and the nation.

We take threats seriously and work together to ensure the safety of our community. We also recognize it is important to inform the public as quickly as possible with as much information as we can share to dispel rumors and mitigate unnecessary fear.

Thank you,


Julie Nielsen, Superintendent

South Washington County Schools


Peter Koerner, Director of Public Safety/Police Chief

City of Cottage Grove


Jason Posel, Director of Public Safety/Police Chief

City of Woodbury


Dan Starry, Washington County Sheriff

Washington County