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E-learning Days During Major Weather Events

E-learning Days During Major Weather Events

Welcome to the new year. It was great to welcome students back from winter break today. 

It’s still early in the winter season, and we have already had several rounds of weather cancellations. It is our desire to keep students in school and learning. Should the weather force a future cancellation, we will be implementing e-learning days.

Families with limited access to home internet should inform their child’s teacher so modifications can be made for assignments.

Prior to an e-learning day:

Schools will continue preparing students so they are ready when an e-learning day is called. This includes making sure that students are made aware of when to bring their district-issued devices home at the end of the school day. If the weather does not require a cancellation, students will bring their devices back to school the next day. 

During an e-learning day:

Families will receive notice from the district of an e-learning day through an automated phone call, email and/or text message with at least two hours notice prior to the school start time. As a follow-up to the district communication, schools and teachers will be in touch with students and families about the specifics of the schedule for the day. 

Day 1 schedule:

  • Assignments and learning activities will be posted in Schoology for grades 6-12;

  • Students in grades K-5 will be instructed to  log into SeeSaw or choose a lesson from a choice board. You can access and print choice boards by grade level by clicking the links below.

  • Students will check and complete assignments and interact with teachers if needed

Schedule for Day 2 and beyond:

  • Students will connect and interact with their teacher and classmates through a live video conference with a set schedule for the day