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Composing Connections

Composing Connections
student logan yannerlly

A group of Park High School (PHS) seniors recently performed original music composed by a fellow orchestra member, Logan Yannarelly at their Spring Orchestra Concert.

“When I heard my music being played I was so happy,” Logan said. “It sounded just like it did in my head.”

Logan, a violin player in the PHS Philharmonic Orchestra, has been composing music since he was 12 years old.  

“Logan is one of those once-in-a-lifetime students,” said Robert Carrero, PHS Teacher. “Music is just one extension of his many talents, he is the kindest and most considerate person you’ll meet.”

Logan composed a musical symphony titled “String Nonet in C Major” as a gift to his musical peers – a composition that included eight movements, one for each senior in the orchestra. The seniors, wishing to thank Logan for his musical gift, chose to perform the fifth movement from the composition. 

“The movement is inspired by flowers and the joy of spring,” Logan stated.

The concert performance of his piece was also the first time Logan's family heard his music being played in public. 

“We began in this district when Logan was 3 or 4 years old. We didn’t know if he would ever be verbal or be able to communicate with us,” said Holly, Logan’s mom. “Now to see how far he has come that he is expressing himself through composing music, this experience truly brought our family closer together.”

Logan listed Mozart as the composer he looks to for inspiration, and he is well on his way to rivaling Mozart’s body of work. He stated that he is currently working on his 24th symphony and has composed nearly 200 musical pieces.

“I’ve been blown away by Logan since I first met him when he began 9th-grade orchestra,” said Amanda Czepa, PHS Orchestra Director. “We’re all in awe of him, and not just for his music.”