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Bus Driver Appreciation

Bus Driver Appreciation
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Wednesday, Feb. 21 was Minnesota School Bus Driver Appreciation Day. School bus drivers play a vital role in the daily lives of countless students, ensuring their safe transportation to and from school. School transportation staff create a safe and comfortable environment for students, offering reassurance to parents and educators alike. We would like to thank all our transportation staff and want to highlight 4 staff members for their outstanding dedication.

bus driver alea


Alea Gaughan - Bus Driver


With a positive attitude, Alea excels in making kids feel comfortable and secure while ensuring a safe ride for her students. Alea brings a positive energy to work every day which shows in all her work as a bus driver. 

“I enjoy being the first/last person the students see during the school year. I love the positive impact I have on these kids lives.”



bus drive andy


Andy Humphrey - Bus Driver


Andy’s calm, kind and consistent demeanor lets kids know they are in a safe, positive environment while riding his bus. Andy offers a smile each and every day rain or shine.

“I love seeing the kids’ curiosity, energy and sense of wonderment, it reminds you of your fondest memories from your own childhood.”




bus assistant julie

Julie Anderson - Bus Assistant


Julie has a smile on her face every day as she encourages and teaches kids to be kind and respectful to each other, while also keeping them safe to and from school.


“I enjoy getting to know all the new faces and personalities and keeping them safe.”


bus driver kim


Kim Doublin - Bus Driver


Kim is always ready to interact in a positive way with everyone she encounters.  Her love of her job as a Bus Driver shines through everyday!


“I love getting to know the kids and look forward to hearing their stories, I look forward to going to work every day.”