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Addressing Social Media Threat Rumors

Dear South Washington County Schools Community,

We have been made aware of nationwide school shooting rumors circulating within our school communities. The rumors appear to have started as a national trend for threatening violence in schools on Friday, Dec. 17. The information is spreading through social media, primarily on TikTok.

Currently, there are no credible threats against our schools. We take all reports of violence seriously and are monitoring any detailed reports we receive and will refer them to the local police department.

This serves as a good reminder that threatening language is not a joke and can have real-world consequences, including suspension from school, expulsion and criminal charges. We ask that parents and families take an active role in monitoring their child’s social media posts.

Please talk with your child about the appropriate use of social media and look for any inappropriate behavior. Remind your child to:

  • Be Kind - Say nice things because they never know who will read what they post. It's important to be truthful and not spread incorrect information.

  • Be Safe - Know who they are friending and talking to, and don't take or share inappropriate photos of yourself or others.

  • Be Secure - Don't share personal information with strangers.

  • Be Alert - Tell an adult when a friend or classmate is in trouble online.

  • Be Responsible - Anything that is posted online can remain on the web indefinitely. Threatening language online can result in discipline at school or even criminal charges.

If you see any threats with detailed information about one of our schools, please contact your local police department and then your child’s school.

Thank you for supporting South Washington County Schools.


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