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Guiding Values for Negotiations

Guiding Values for Negotiations

South Washington County Schools (SoWashCo Schools) and its employee labor groups share a common interest in creating the most effective educational experience for our students. To support this goal and collaboration, SoWashCo Schools has established guiding values for contract negotiations.

The SoWashCo Schools negotiations team will be guided by our belief in:

  • Creating a school system that supports equity for each student
  • Listening to and communicating with all employees
  • Working within our budget to responsibly meet our financial and educational obligations
  • Promoting a culture that is focused on students, their growth and achievement

SoWashCo Schools is currently scheduling negotiations sessions with United Teachers of South Washington County (UTSWC). This is often seen as the beginning of the next cycle of contract negotiations with all employee groups.

You can find the full Guiding Values for Negotiations, regular updates and information at

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