South Washington County Schools

Probationary Teacher Information

Probationary Teachers in District 833 have to complete 22.5 CEU's throughout the school year, per their contract.

The required 22.5 hours can come from a variety of places, but it is important to note that all hours must be outside of the contractual day and you may not be paid for these hours.  Please also note that these hours are pro-rated based on your FTE.  Some places those hours might come from:

  • District 833 Probationary Teacher Academy
  • District 833 Professional Development offered throughout the year.
  • Non-District 833 workshops
  • Professional Organization conferences/offerings  (i.e. MDE, TIES, MnSTA, MNCTM, etc)

Probationary Teacher Academy 2016

If you are planning on attending the PT Academy in 2016, the format will be as follows.

Participants will register for a two-day course on August 15th and 16th.  The courses are all AVID strands and your options are listed below.  You will earn a total of 15 CEU's during these two days.  If you are asked to attend the SIP Retreat with your school on August 17th, you will need to enroll in the SIP 2016-17 course and you would join your School Improvement Planning Team at ERHS for the SIP Retreat and earn the remaining 7.5 CEU's.  If you do not attend the SIP retreat, you would still be required to fulfill your remaining 7.5 hours throughout the year via other professional learning opportunities.

  • AVID Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) (All Educators)
  • AVID Student Success (6th-12th Grade Teachers)
  • AVID Elementary Foundations (PreK-2nd Grade Teachers)
  • AVID Elementary Foundations (3rd-6th Grade Teachers)
  • AVID The Art of Inquiry (2nd-8th Grade Teachers)


Probationary Hour FAQ's

Q: What if I am a part time employee, such as a .6 employee?
A: The number of hours you are required to obtain is prorated based on your contract, so a .2 teacher only needs to complete 4.5 CEU's.

Q: How can New Teachers and Probationary Teacher fulfill their hours?
A: The majority of New Teachers and Probationary Teachers earn their hours during the Summer Academies. There are other options though. You can earn CEU's through non-district workshops or conferences.

Q: When must I have my hours completed by?
A: Teachers are required to fulfill their hours by the end of March 2016.

Q: What happens if I do not complete my hours by the end of March?
A: District 833 reserves the right to not retain probationary teachers based on their completion of these hours and reserves the right to not award you another year on your contract.

Q: Can I use graduate classes for my hours?
A: Yes you can, but you cannot use any graduate hours that you will later use for a lane change. Remember, you are being paid for these 22.5 CEU's, so it would be as if the District is paying for you to get your graduate credits.

Q: What options do I have to earn CEU's as a New Teacher or Probationary Teacher if I missed the Academies?
A: The District will offer courses throughout the year that can apply for your hours. You can also use out of district workshops as long as you are not paid to attend and as long as it is not during your contract time. 

Q: Why can't I use ATPPS days or staff development days for my hours?
A: Technically, you have already been paid within your contract for the extra 22.5 hours. So, you cannot be compensated for the CEU's you obtain for Probationary Hours (such as ATPPS). The hours also cannot be part of your normal work contract – so you cannot take a day off to attend a conference. This would be considered double dipping.

Q: Why can't I use District 833 online professional development for my hours?
A: Currently, District 833 does not accept our online PD courses for probationary hours. 

Q: Why aren't there more offerings provided by District 833?
A: Each year, District 833 will offer over 120 hours of training that could apply towards probationary hours, well over the 22.5 CEU's required.

Q: Who should I contact about questions related to CEU's?
A: First, you should contact your Mentor or Site Induction Mentor. If you need further assistance, please contact Brian Boothe, Director of Professional Development & Accountability at bboothe@sowashco.org

Q: How do I submit hours I earned outside of District 833 into PD Express?
A:  To submit hours for approval:
1.  Log in to PD Express.
2.  Choose "Request CEU's for Relicensure".
3.  Under Type choose "Probationary Hours"
4.  Enter all information requested, including attaching a pdf copy of the CEU.