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Submitting CEU's

Submitting CEU's

Any paper CEU's that you may have must be submitted electronically to PD Express along with any requests you have for CEU's from college courses, travel experience, student teachers, etc.

A specific process exists for each type of CEU request.  Please see below to determine the best fit for your request.  Attached to each category is a PDF that will walk you through how to complete the submission.

A. College Courses

  • Category A should be completed graduate level course work, masters or beyond. 
  • PDF Instructions

B. Outside District Workshops

  • Category B should be used for any workshop you attended that was not hosted by 833. i.e. MDE, TIES, EMID, etc.  
  • PDF Instructions

C. In District Staff Development

  • Category C should ONLY Be used for CEU’s earned for District 833 workshops PRIOR to the 2011-2012 school year.  Beginning in Aug 2011, District 833 is NO longer issuing paper CEU’s and all CEU’s will be recorded electronically.  
  • PDF Instructions

D. Curriculum Development

  • Category D should be used for site, district, regional, state, national, or international curriculum development.  
  • PDF Instructions

E. Peer Coaching-Mentoring

  • Category E should be used for engagement in formal peer coaching, as part of ATPPS, or mentorship relationship with colleagues that addresses on or more of the standards.  
  • PDF Instructions

F. Professional Service

  • Category F should be used for: 
  • Supervision of clinical experiences of persons enrolled in teacher preparation program--One full quarter = 16 clock hours, for a full trimester = 20 clock hours, for 1 full semester = 24 clock hours. Limit 30 hours per 5-year period for supervision.
  • Participation on national, state, and local committees involved with licensure, teacher education, or professional standards; or
  • Participation in national, regional, or state accreditation. National Board Certification = 25 hours per year.
  • PDF Instructions

G. Leadership Experience

  • Use Category G for Leadership Experience in any of the following, but please note that the experience must be germane to your teaching assignment AND there is a limit of 30 hours in a 5-year cycle: 
  • Participation on committees involved with licensure, teacher education, professional standards, accreditation, or department chairs.
  • Development of new or broader skills and sensitivities to school, community or profession.
  • Publication of professional articles in a professional journal in an appropriate field.
  • Volunteer work
  • PDF Instructions

H. Opportunities to Enhance Knowledge

  • Use Category H for opportunities to enhance knowledge and understanding of diverse educational setting, but please note that the experience must be germane to your teaching assignment AND there is a limit of 30 hours in a 5-year cycle: 
  • Experience with students of another age, ability, culture or socioeconomic level
  • Systematic, purposeful observation during visits to schools and to related business and industry.
  • PDF Instructions

I. Travel or Work Experience

  • Use Category I for Travel or work experience (for which your teaching license is not required) related to your field of licensure for purposes of improving instructional capabilities related to the field of licensure; or work experience in business or industry appropriate to the field of licensure.   NOTE: Prior Approval is Requird.  1 week = 10 clock hours. Limit of 30 clock hours per five years.  
  • PDF Instructions

ASL Hours

  • Teachers who have a license in Deaf or Hard of Hearing. (Minnesota rule 8710.5200) 
  • The 125 clock hour renewal condition includes the requirement of completing of 30 clock hours of continuing education in American Sign Language (ASL), American Sign Language Linguistics or Deaf Culture.
  • 122A.28, 2013 (b) Among other relicensure requirements, each teacher under this section must complete 30 continuing education clock hours on hearing loss topics, including American Sign Language, American Sign Language linguistics, or deaf culture, in each licensure renewal period.
  • PDF Instructions

Principal/Administrative Hours

  • Use this Category IF you have a 5 year admin license and for any workshop you attend that distributes Minnesota Board of School Administrator renewal units. You must attach a pdf copy of the certificate to the submission.