South Washington County Schools

Advisory Staff Development Committee (ASDC)

The duties of the Advisory Staff Development Committee as defined by MN Statute 122A.60 are:

  1. To develop the [District’s staff development] plan,
  2. Assist site professional development teams in developing a site plan consistent with the goals of the plan, and
  3. Evaluate staff development efforts at the site level.

A majority of the membership of the advisory committee and the site professional development team must be teachers representing various grade levels, subject areas, and special education. The Advisory Staff Development Committee must also include non-teaching staff, parents, and administrators.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Develop the District 833 Staff Development Plan
  • Evaluate staff development efforts at the site level
  • Be a member of the school staff development committee and / or represent a specific employee unit
  • Share district staff development training and ideas with the site staff development committee


Director of Professional Development and Accountability (Ex-Offico Member): Brian Boothe
Committee Chair: Laurie Beebe
Committee Co-Chair: Shannon N'diaye
Recording Secretary: Amanda Beale
Committee Members: 
Barb Barrett
Tim Bunnell
Katie Burley
Lucy DeCoux
Patti Diamond
Denise Downhour
Marty Fridgen
Jessica Frisco
Jodi Frovold
Jennifer Fuglestad
Gina Gamnis
Raj Gandhi
Lisa Geng
Jim Glazer
Jennifer Hellerud
Kathryn Henderson
Jennifer Johnson
Colleen Klos
Lisa Lanik
Katherine Merry
Anne Piasecki
Melissa Rahn
Richard Romano
Joelle Sandberg
Anita Simonton
Katie Solem
Kathleen McElwee-Stevens
Carol Thoma
Angela Vokac
Jodi Weinfurter
Susan Wilson