South Washington County Schools

Paying for Meals - PAMS

PAMS (Parent Account Management System)

“PAYPAMS” is a web-based system that allows parents to use their credit cards to deposit money on their children’s lunch account. These payments can be one-time or set-up to recur when the account reaches an amount the parent specifies. Parents can also choose to receive an e-mail when a specific account balance is reached. Register online by going to www.paypams.com.  

Credit cards accepted at PayPams are VISA, Master Card, Discover Card, or your personal checking or debit card.  

Great Idea:  Parents who establish a PayPams account (you don't have to make PAMS payments) can access information showing daily purchases.   After your account is set up just choose Cafeteria Purchases, choose your student's name and a date range, and click on Search. A report showing the purchases made for Breakfast, Lunch and Ala Carte will be compiled for your child.

Cash or Check

Parents may pay for Elementary school meals with cash, check or PAMS.  

All Middle Schools and High Schools are cashless at the register. Please click on "Cashless Schools" on the left for information. Personal checks will be accepted at the Middle Schools and High Schools. 

Parents can write one check for multiple children at the same school. Provide each child's name, PIN and the amount for each account.

  1. Payable to ISD 833 NS
  2. Include child name and PIN on the memo line.
  3. As a guideline - $49 pays for a month of elementary lunches; $55 pays for a month of middle school lunches; $56 pays for a month of high school lunches.

Cashless Schools

The Cafeterias are "cashless" In Middle and High Schools
Check out our informational flyer.

In an effort to serve our customers (adults and students) more quickly and efficiently we have installed a cash input machine located in or near the cafeteria in all Middle Schools and High Schools. This machine will:

  • Allow students to check their available balance at any time before they go to lunch.
  • Be available before breakfast until the end of lunch for your child to deposit cash into their meal account.
  • Require your child to enter two (2) forms of identification (their birthday and their lunch PIN number) to avoid deposits into the incorrect account.
  • Accept paper currency only (no coins or checks).
  • Apply the full amount to your child’s account (a $20.00 bill will result in a $20.00 payment into the student’s account, not $10.00 into the account and $10.00 back to the student).
  • Allow funds to be immediately available for your child to make breakfast or lunch purchases.
  • Print a receipt for the payment.

This means the building cashiers will no longer accept cash at the registers as your child goes through the lunch line. They must deposit their money into their lunch account by using the cash input machine before going to lunch.

You will still be able to send a check with your child, payable to ISD-833, N. S., or you can make payments with a credit/debit card online at www.paypams.com