South Washington County Schools

Angel Fund

Procedure for Accessing Angel Fund Account

  • Each building has an established Angel Fund account to loan parents funds until a deposit can be made into their student’s meal account
  • Angel Fund dollars come from the Employee Giving Campaign, private donations and students that move from the district or graduating seniors that do not request a refund
  • Parents will begin to receive Blackboard Connect messages when their student’s meal account balance falls below $5.00 and any day thereafter when there is activity on the account and sufficient monies have not been deposited to bring their balance above $5.00
  • Student meal accounts will be allowed to go negative up to $10.  Once a student’s account is negative they are no longer allowed to purchase ala carte items
  • After a student is at negative $10 they will be allowed to use the Angel Fund twice
  • After the second Angel Fund use, a message from the school’s administration will be left for the parents notifying them that their student will be receiving an alternative lunch the following day unless a deposit is made
  • If a deposit still has not been made the student will be given an alternative lunch of a deli sandwich, fruit, vegetable and milk
  • The student will continue to receive the alternative lunch until a deposit is made
  • Any payments made to the account will repay the negative balance first
  • A separate payment to the Angel Fund of the amount loaned is appreciated so that funds will be available when other students need to access the program