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VEBA (Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association)


A VEBA is a tax-free Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) that provides a source of funds to pay for the cost of health care expenses for you, your spouse and qualified dependents.   VEBA is available to employees who enroll in the Open Access High Deductible Plan only.   Below are documents describing the Plan. 

Participants in the Open Access High Deductible Plan (with VEBA) will receive an informational packet annually or when at the time of enrollment from Plan Source (formerly One Digital or Corporate Health Systems). This informational packet will explain the reimbursement process.   

Questions regarding claim filing and reimbursement should be directed to PlanSource (formerly One Digital or Corporate Health Systems).  Our dedicated customer service representative is Jessica Walter.  Jessica can be reached at 612-256-0866 or via email at Jessica.walter@plansource.com.    You can also contact the Plan Source customer service team at 1-866-546-9134 or via email at Reimbursement@plansource.com.

2018 HRA-VEBA Benefit Guide

2018 HRA Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Reimbursement Claim Form

Understanding your VEBA

What is a VEBA

2018 Prepaid Benefits Card FAQ

Quick Start Guide For Portal and App

HRA Investment Fund Options

HRA-VEBA Investment Options FAQ

2018 Reimbursement Schedule

2018 HRA Summary Description

2018 Attestation Form for VEBA Dependent Reimbursements

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Orthodonic Worksheet

To access your PlanSource account for plan balances, additional forms, etc, please visit the PlanSource Account Site-https://plansource.com/benefitshub/