South Washington County Schools


The Payroll Team strives to accurately compensate our employees in a timely manner each and every payroll.  We also manage ERMA (also called Employee Access) and all of your short-term time off needs.  Below you will find a comprehensive list of helpful information and payroll forms.

***UPDATE: The 2018 federal tax withholding changes have been put in place for all checks issued on or after 02/15/2018.  The amount of federal withholding may decrease or increase depending on marital status and withholding allowances chosen by each employee, as well as the amount of taxable gross pay.  An updated Form W4 has not yet been issued by the IRS.  A notice will be posted once it's available.  2018 Federal tax rates will not be retroactively calculated for January paychecks.


ERMA (Employee Access)

Pay Information



 Bus Mechanics Sue Kean 6225
 Community Ed Aquatics Kalie Newton 6265
 Community Ed Miscellaneous Kalie Newton 6265
 DOSS Lynn Schmidt 6304
 Food Service A-K Kalie Newton 6265
 Food Service L-Z Carrie Reagan 6262
 Kids Club Supervisors Carrie Reagan 6262
 Maintenance/Custodians A-K Kalie Newton 6265
 Maintenance/Custodians L-Z Lynn Schmidt 6304
 Misc Employees (Non-certified) Carrie Reagan 6262
 Office Professionals Sue Kean 6225
 Office Professional subs Lynn Schmidt 6304
 Paraprofessional subs Lynn Schmidt 6304
 Paraprofessionals (A-F) Kalie Newton 6265
 Paraprofessionals (G-K) Sue Kean 6225
 Paraprofessionals (L-P) Lynn Schmidt 6304
 Paraprofessionals (Q-Z) Carrie Reagan 6262
 Principals Sue Kean 6225
 School Board members Lynn Schmidt 6304
 Students and OJT Kalie Newton 6265
 Teachers (A-F) Kalie Newton 6265
 Teachers (G-L) Lynn Schmidt 6304
 Teachers (M-P) Sue Kean 6225
 Teachers (Q-Z) Carrie Reagan 6262
 Transportation (A-L) Sue Kean 6225
 Transportation (M-Z) Carrie Reagan 6262