More Than One Skill
Dr. Stripp
Nasreddin and the Beggar
Nasreddin and the Smell of Soup
Nasreddin Goes Shopping
Key Ideas and Details
Comparisons and Contrasts
The Contest (Plot)
Dinner for Dad (Draw conclusions)
Grandma's Surprise (Draw conclusions)
Guess What Comes Next?
Inferences About Character Actions
Inferences About Character Motives
Inferences About Character Traits
Inferences About Story Setting
Lucky and Buddy (Compare and contrast)
Making an Inference
Making Inferences
The New School (Make inferences)
Pen Pals (Draw conclusions)
Race Day (Summarizing)
Reading Skills Rocket (Compare and contrast)
Reading Skills Rocket (Cause and effect)
Reading Skills Rocket (Draw conclusions)
Reading Skills Rocket (Main idea and details)
Reading Skills Rocket (Summarize)
Setting: Place and Time
Test Tutor (Draw conclusions)
Test Tutor (Main idea and details)
Test Tutor (Narrative elements)
Test Tutor (Paraphrase)
The Tornado Drill (Theme)
A Visit to the City (Compare and contrast)
Craft and Structure
The Ant and the Grasshopper (Sequence of events)
Author's Purpose
Chronological Order
The Perfect Game (Author's viewpoint)
Reading Skills Rocket (Author's purpose)
Reading Skills Rocket (Conflict/resolution)
Reading Skills Rocket (Sequence of events)
Reading Skills Rocket (Sequence of events)
Reading Skills Rocket (Sequence of events)
The Recycling Center (Sequencing)
Show What You Know! (Sequencing)
Test Tutor (Figurative language)
Test Tutor (Figurative language)
Test Tutor (Sequence of events)
Test Tutor (Sequence of events)
The Volcano (Sequencing)
When Frankenstein Came to My Birthday