Informational Text


More Than One Skill
Learning Resources Choose a Category, then a story of interest
Key Ideas and Details
American Presidents (Locate information in tables)
Discovering the Point (Opinion)
Drawing Inferences About Implied Main Ideas
Fact or Opinion
Fact or Opinion
Historical and Cultural Contexts
Inferring Supporting Details
Reading for Thinking: Appropriate Inference
Reading Skills Rocket (Compare and contrast)
Reading Skills Rocket (Draw conclusions)
Reading Skills Rocket (Fact and opinion)
Reading Skills Rocket (Fact and opinion)
Summarize as You Read (Infer, predict)
Test Tutor (Cause and effect)
Test Tutor (Fact and opinion)
Test Tutor (Main idea and details)
Topics and Paraphrasing
What Will the Weather Be Like Tomorrow
Craft and Structure
Purpose and Tone
Reading Skills Rocket (Author's purpose)
Recognizing Mixed Patterns
Recognizing Patterns of Organization
Recognizing Supporting Details
Test Tutor (Author's purpose and perspective)