Informational Text


More Than One Skill
Practice Tests
Key Ideas and Details
Amelia Earhart: The Early Years (Summarize)
A Different Kind of Web (Main idea and details)
Fact or Opinion?
Finding Faulty Logic
Making a Long Story Short (Summarize)
Reading Skills Rocket (Draw conclusions)
Reading Skills Rocket (Fact and opinion)
Reading Skills Rocket (Main idea and details)
Reading Skills Rocket (Summarize)
Reading Skills Rocket (Summarize)
Sea Turtles
Show What You Know (Main idea)
Test Tutor (Compare and contrast)
Test Tutor (Fact and opinion)
Test Tutor (Follow directions)
Test Tutor (Summarize)
Tornadoes (Locate information in a graphic)
Up, Up, and Away (Fact and opinion)
Welcome Pandas! (Locate information)
What's the Big Idea? (Main idea)
Wind and Windstorms (Main idea and details)
Craft and Structure
Author's Use of Persuasion
Graphic Sources (Locate information in a chart)
How to Make Corn on the Cob
Informational and Persuasive Statements
Mercury Levels in Fish (Locate information in a chart)
Reading Clothing Labels
Reading Skills Rocket (Locate information in an index)
Reading Skills Rocket (Elements of nonfiction)
Sequence of Events
Test Tutor (Author's purpose and perspective)
Test Tutor (Locate information in a chart)