South Washington County Schools

District 833's version of "Undercover Boss"

At the start of the 2013-14 school year, Superintendent Jacobus wanted to learn more about the organization through its people. He decided to move forward with a "shadowing" day where he would spend a few hours with an employee in each of the district's various employee groups.

"I look forward to each opportunity to better understand what representative staff, of our more than 3,000 employees, do on a regular basis. It is eye opening and I appreciate the willingness of those I shadow to help me pitch in and assist with the jobs people are doing for our district" - Keith Jacobus

In the 2015-16 school year, Superintendent Jacobus has shadowed:

  • Heidi Strander, Second Grade Teacher at Armstrong Elementary - Teacher employee group
  • Mark Garcia, Full-Time Substitute Custodian - Maintenance employee group
  • Lisa DeWolf, Lead Cashier at Grey Cloud Elementary - Nutrition Services employee group
  • Cathy Backer, Administrative Assistant at Oltman Middle School - Office Professionals employee group
  • Libby Beytien-Carlson, Kids Club Supervisor at Cottage Grove Elementary - Independent employee group
  • Jim Fancher, Bus Driver - Transportation employee group





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In the 2014-15 school year, Superintendent Jacobus shadowed:

  • Molly Rathbun, Fourth Grade Teacher at Grey Cloud Elementary School - Teacher employee group
  • Jim Lanik, Night Custodian at Oltman Middle School - Maintenance employee group
  • Nancy Anderson, Office Coordinator at Woodbury High School - Office Professionals employee group
  • Pam Judkins, Special Services Account Specialist - District Office Support Specialist employee group
  • Nancy Pawlik, Paraprofessional at East Ridge High School - Paraprofessionals employee group
  • Gayle Seversen, Bus Driver - Transportation employee group
  • Jeanie Yee, kettle cook and assistant manager at Lake Middle School - Nutrition Service employee group





In the 2013-14 school year, Superintendent Jacobus shadowed:

  • ECFE/School Readiness Assistant Peggy Reagan - Office Professionals employee group
  • Paula Robertson, kitchen staff member at Oltman Middle School - Nutrition Service employee group
  • Beverly Anderson, English Learning (EL) classroom paraprofessional at Cottage Grove Elementary School - Paraprofessionals employee group
  • Woodbury Elementary School’s Day Foreman Morris Carson Maintenance employee group
  • Bus driver Neal Heurung Transportation employee group
  • Callie Chenault, science teacher at Oltman Middle School - Teacher employee group
  • Carol Tobin, Kids Club Coordinator - Independent employee group