South Washington County Schools

Nutrition Services Inspired Theme Days

Theme days are a great way to make school lunch even more fun for both students and staff. Nutrition Services will host a Winter Luau on January 22nd and Minnesota Hockey Day on February 5th.  

For the Winter Luau, students will receive Teriyaki Chicken or Sweet and Sour Chicken with tropical rice, citrus fruits including Cara Cara oranges and kumquats, veggies, milk and an Italian ice for a treat.  For Minnesota Hockey Day, our options will include chili dogs or boneless wings with smiley fries, fruit, veggies, milk and a brownie. Everyone is encouraged to join the fun whether it is decorating a classroom or cafeteria and dressing in fun clothes to match our theme!

Stay tuned for more fun theme days!

January is Family Fit Lifestyle Month, making it a great time to think of fun ways to keep active over the winter. Adult activity levels influence their children’s choices. Children are 5.8 times more likely to be active if they have active parents.  Sixty minutes a day of physical activity at least five days per week is recommended for children. The key is finding fun ways to move! Try a number of different of activities to keep it interesting. Spending time sledding, skating and shoveling as a family are great ways to have fun together this winter.