South Washington County Schools

What's In a Breakfast and Lunch?

Nutrition Services is recommitting to providing up-to-date information about what a complete meal looks like. The USDA meal pattern has significantly increased the requirement for fruits and vegetables. Shown here is a complete lunch at the middle school level. It includes two servings of vegetables, 1 serving of fruit, 1-2 ounces of meat or meat alternate, 1-2 servings of grain/bread, and milk. Our fruit/veggie bars are full of variety every day, helping ensure that students find foods they enjoy.

At breakfast, students are offered at least 2 servings of bread/grain, 1 cup of fruit/juice and milk. The bread/grain could be bagel sandwich, cereal (with yogurt), waffles, muffin breakfast sandwich, whole grain cinnamon roll (with yogurt or cheese stick).  Even though not required by USDA, we offer a protein item as often as possible because we know that protein enhances student learning.