South Washington County Schools

New Requirements for Ala Carte Food - Effective School Year 2014/15

Good nutrition is vital for long-term health. It supports growth, better learning, and the prevention of chronic diseases. In a nation where childhood obesity has become a national epidemic, we are driven to make food choices that provide all of our children with the tools to achieve optimal health and learning.

In District 833, schools provide healthy meals that limit calories, saturated fat and sodium. We continue to develop recipes that meet these standards, so that our students can enjoy fresh food prepared from scratch while at school. We are most proud of our homemade soups, marinara and meat sauces, salad dressings, and hand-crafted sandwiches and entree salads. Students enjoy a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables every day and are welcome to a second portion of fruits or vegetables at no additional cost.

Our journey to provide healthy food choices has been underway for some time now, and new USDA guidelines for ala carte sales set the goals even higher. We have already begun by replacing some food and beverages with those that meet the Smart Snack standards. We are also currently working on the development of whole grain cookies and muffins, all within reasonable calorie levels. Details of the Smart Snack guidelines can be found at Smart Snacks.

Together, we can help our children develop the healthy eating habits that will reduce the prevalence of obesity and other chronic conditions.