South Washington County Schools

Woodbury High School AVID students volunteer at local homeless shelter

On Saturday, Sept. 30, AVID students at Woodbury High School spent time volunteering at the Dorothy Day Homeless Shelter in St. Paul. These students cooked and served dinner for those at the shelter.

“I’m so proud of the work our AVID students are doing,” said Molly Lester, AVID District Director. “It is inspiring to see the impact they are making on our community.”

Throughout the year, AVID students take time to evaluate the needs they see in their community and choose a way they would like to serve. AVID students from Woodbury High School serve at the Dorothy Day Shelter, Bridging, Woodwinds, Feed My Starving Children, the Woodbury Care Center and many other locations.

“The service I did made me feel more appreciation for what I have right now. A lot of people have less and receive second hand items compared to all the new things I get,” commented junior Isabella Bursch. “Overall, it made me happier and satisfied with what I have.”

Service Learning projects are led by AVID Coordinator, Lisa Hyland, AVID Teacher, Julie Onken and Joan Figlmiller.