South Washington County Schools

Video: Together we are SoWashCo - Lesley Berney, Volunteer - Crestview

In this week’s edition of our Together we are SoWashCo video series, we are featuring Lesley Berney, a Reading Corps (AmericaCorps) volunteer at Crestview Elementary. Leslie applied for the position last year and was thrilled when she was hired on as a volunteer. She works with K-3 students, focusing on spelling, reading and sounding out words. Leslie has lived in Cottage Grove for more than 40 years, and her two children both attended District 833 schools. She says she has always had a strong connection to Crestview in particular, as her granddaughter currently attends the school as well as both of her children in years past. Leslie has made a huge difference in the lives of students and staff at Crestview, and several other District 833 schools she has volunteered at over the years. Thanks for everything you do to help our future leaders succeed, Lesley! Watch the video below: