South Washington County Schools

Video: Together we are SoWashCo - Addie, 6th grader - CGMS

In this week’s edition of our Togther we are SoWashCo video series, we are featuring Addie – a sixth grader at Cottage Grove Middle School. Addie has a variety of passions and interests, including theater, orchestra, piano, reading and writing. Addie played a large role in the start of the “Writing Club” run by Jennifer Halbur, language arts teacher at CGMS. She is also an avid fencer, getting moved up to the sixth grade team in fifth grade and enjoys drawing and creating sculptures. Addie says her favorite thing about herself is her imagination and her individuality. Thank you, Addie, for being such a wonderful student and staying true to yourself along the way! We are glad you are part of District 833. 

If you would like to nominate someone you feel embodies the district's core values, email our district videographer Megan Brown at mbrown1@sowashco.org.