South Washington County Schools

Students plant rain garden at Woodbury Elementary School

Fourth and fifth grade students at Woodbury Elementary School are learning about soil and water hands-on with a new rain garden. It is part of a partnership that began in February with the Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District.

The garden has ecological benefits for the school campus; filtering runoff pollution, recharging local groundwater, conserving water and improving water quality. It is also serving as a learning tool for the students.

Student smiles with potted plant Last school year, Watershed District officials worked with teachers to include lessons on water and soil into their science lessons already being taught in classrooms.

“It’s wonderful to have opportunities like this that engage all students,”said Connha Classon, Principal of Woodbury Elementary School. “We’re finding the rain garden is helping all of our students thrive. Students are able to tap into their strengths and experience learning in a different environment. Some students are excelling outside of the classroom as they learn about the science behind the garden."

The garden is the product of three years of planning and preparation by the Watershed District, who worked with officials from South Washington County Schools, the Washington Conservation District, the City of Woodbury, as well as community volunteers.

The Watershed District funded the construction of the garden at the entrance to Woodbury Elementary and has committed to helping maintain the garden. 

Student smiles while planting Students smile with earth worms