South Washington County Schools

Students Lead at AVID Summer Institute

District 833 is proud to have seven of the 18 AVID Student Leaders at the AVID Summer Institute in Minneapolis. More than 2,600 educators gathered at the institute to learn about AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) July 24-27.

Park High School students Yanera Bekele, Chloe Cruz, Bethany Tamrat, Emily Tamrat and Mariam Zewdu along with Woodbury High School students Andrew Hagmeier and Rhea Viswanathan served as ambassadors for the district throughout the three days of programming.

The student leaders spoke to more than 800 educators, administrators and superintendents about AVID strategies like organization, Cornell Notes and tutorials, and shared their personal stories and experiences of how AVID has made a difference in their lives.

One student said, “My experience meeting new AVID students, speaking to teachers, administrators and stakeholders, and inspiring others was amazing!”

The students were led by Maria Tol, Park High School’s AVID Coordinator.