South Washington County Schools

Red Rock third graders’ passion for pups helps local dog rescue

Red Rock Elementary students are making a difference in the lives of dogs in need of a home at Coco’s Heart, a dog rescue based out of Hudson, WI, thanks to two third graders who wanted to help.

Students Kaden Baron and Vincent Hurley’s passion for helping the rescue stemmed from a unique project in which they researched yellow labs during Genius Hour in Mrs. Loppnow’s class. Their passion took on a life of its own when they decided to raise money to help dogs in need of a home.

The students started doing chores around the house to earn money for the cause, informed their teacher about their plans, then created several posters and a 15-minute video highlighting the important things to remember when it comes to dog ownership. The boys’ passion quickly spread to the rest of the students in the classroom who also took on the challenge to earn money. The class decided they wouldn’t be allowed to simply ask others for money, but had to do a good deed to earn it. 

Mrs. Loppnow offered to match up to $50 of their collection, and it quickly grew past that. After researching dog rescues in the area, the boys chose Coco’s Heart based out of Hudson. Representatives from Coco’s Heart made a special visit to Red Rock on May 3 with one of their dogs currently up for adoption, where the students presented them with a $310 check. Great job, Red Rock!