South Washington County Schools

Park High School and Woodbury Middle School receive national recognition for high performance of AVID programs

South Washington County Schools is pleased to share that both Park High School and Woodbury Middle School have been recognized for their high performing AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) programs in place.

AVID is a global, non-profit organization dedicated to closing the achievement gap. AVID teaches students skills and behaviors for academic success and helps develop critical thinking, literacy and math skills.

Woodbury Middle School was named an AVID National Demonstration School and a Schoolwide Site of Distinction. Woodbury Middle is one of only four schools in the state to obtain this level of certification. The school has participated in an AVID Schoolwide Pilot which moved AVID schoolwide.

Reuben Spinner, AVID Coordinator at Woodbury Middle, has led the way for the program to be imbedded into all classrooms. The school’s AVID site team is made up of 16 teachers. 

“Our data shows that our students learn and achieve at the highest levels and that our staff provides meaningful and rigorous learning experiences for all students,” said Spinner.

Park High School was named an AVID National Demonstration School. Park is the first AVID National Demonstration High School in Minnesota. The school has grown its AVID program from 20 students in 2009 to 260 students in 2018.

Maria Tol and Nikki McCarty, Park’s AVID Coordinators, have built an AVID elective system that is supportive and positive, and they have a team of approximately 20 teachers.

“AVID students are enrolling in as many as, or more, rigorous courses than their peers. With the support of their teachers and work in AVID they are finding success in those courses,” said Tol.

Woodbury Middle and Park High will keep their status as a National Demonstration School for three years before they need to reapply for the designation. Oltman Middle School was named a National Demonstration School in 2015. District 833 is the only district in the Upper Midwest to have three AVID Demonstration Schools.

AVID National Demonstration Schools embrace best practice in both instruction and culture. These schools are known throughout the nation for providing rigorous and appropriate instruction at all levels, to all students. There are over 7,000 schools implementing AVID throughout the world, and on any given school day 2 million students learn by using AVID’s research-based best practices. Park High School and Woodbury Middle School joined only 175 schools recognized by AVID as providing excellent instruction to all students.

More information on AVID in District 833 is available on the district’s website under Academics – Teaching and Learning Services.