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Oltman Middle School student advocates for pool at St. Paul Park city meeting

Photo of student and teacher

An eighth grade student at Oltman Middle School is learning about city government first-hand through an effort to bring a pool to Heritage Park in St. Paul Park.

Amye Rendon wrote to the city for a class assignment that encouraged students to use their voices to make a difference. Her letter asked for the city to consider adding a pool to Heritage Park. She argued the change would give students a fun way to get outside and exercise in the summer, while also bringing money into the city. Rendon’s letter continued to encourage the city to include a food court with the pool to provide an additional source of revenue for the city.

Upon reading the letter, the city’s Parks & Recreation Commission invited Amye to its April 12 meeting to talk about her ideas.

Amye’s teacher, Kim Pilon, was at the meeting and said the commission was interested in Amye’s ideas and asked for her opinion on several items under consideration.

“Amye presented her ideas in a very mature and professional manner. The members of the commission were genuinely interested in her ideas for Heritage Park and were very appreciative that she took the time to meet with them,” said Pilon. “I am so very proud of Amye!”

The commission has invited Amye back to their next meeting in May, when they will be specifically discussing plans for Heritage Park.