South Washington County Schools

The Minnesota Orchestra performs for District 833 students

The Minnesota Orchestra began its 2017-18 Symphonic Adventures for High Schools program on Friday, Sept. 15 with a performance for South Washington County Schools students. Led by Music Director Osmo Vänskä, the entire Orchestra performed at East Ridge High School in Woodbury for one-hour.

Students from East Ridge High School, Park High School, Woodbury High School and Lake Middle School attended the concert of Stravinsky’s Suite from The Firebird.

The Symphonic Adventures program was hosted by Orchestra violist Sam Bergman, who taught the students about music, musicians and key concepts before the concert.

“One of my major goals as a high school orchestra teacher is to make my students aware of the ‘professional world’ of orchestral playing,” said Kelly DeMorett, High School Orchestra teacher. “I hope to develop a passion for music that leads students to a future that includes music in some way.”

This is the first time the Minnesota Orchestra has selected District 833 for its Symphonic Adventures for High Schools Concert Series.