South Washington County Schools

Middle and elementary students learn together through mentorship

A collaboration between Lake Middle School and Middleton Elementary School helped students learn together on Friday, October 27.

Second-grade students from Middleton Elementary made a proposal to sixth graders at Lake Middle School for a new type of toy. Middle school students then interviewed their younger counter-parts on the project before providing one-on-one guidance and feedback, refining the initial proposals.

The collaboration effort was led by Nicole Domer, a sixth-grade Critical Thinking teacher at Lake Middle, and April Edward, a second-grade teacher at Middleton Elementary. They say the collaboration between buildings and grade levels promotes leadership skills for our middle school students, while building confidence in our elementary students’ presentation and communication skills. Leadership in academics and leadership among peers is a core belief in helping students build and develop positive character traits at Lake Middle School. 

The classes made use of Lake Middle’s remodeled and repurposed media center, which provides students with more space to work collaboratively.