South Washington County Schools

Improvements complete at Cottage Grove, Lake and Woodbury middle schools

Students began the 2018-19 school year with new learning spaces at Cottage Grove, Lake and Woodbury middle schools. Thanks to funding approved by the community as a part of the 2015 Bond Referendum, improvements were made at all three schools to accommodate capacity needs and equity issues.

The largest project, a 12-classroom addition at Woodbury Middle School, was completed over the summer. Improvements at the school were designed to accommodate an increase in student capacity from 1,080 to 1,300. In addition to adding 12 classrooms, the two-story expansion added bathrooms and collaborative learning spaces. A new kitchen was also added to the school to increase capacity and functionality. Renovations were also made to group learning spaces, media center and the orchestra space. New technology and furniture will be used in the renovated and added spaces at the school.

Cottage Grove and Lake middle schools also received several building improvements that were completed in the spring of 2018. Since both schools have a shared a floor plan, improvements at both schools were similar in nature. Improvements included the addition of new collaborative learning spaces and music classrooms, as well as increased cafeteria seating. Both schools also received improvements to their media centers, performance spaces and special education classrooms. New technology and furniture were also added to each school. Both schools have a capacity of 1,300 students.

Over the summer, Cottage Grove Middle also received a new pool mechanical system and new and expanded student lockers.

Photo slideshow below shows completed addition at Woodbury Middle School.