South Washington County Schools

Fourteen Park High School students recognized at International Baccalaureate Graduation Ceremony

On Friday, May 26 Park High School International Baccalaureate (IB) students came together for the IB Graduation Ceremony. Fourteen students and their families gathered in the Lecture Hall to celebrate this accomplishment. IB Coordinator and Biology instructor Lisa Martineau gave a brief presentation on each student’s journey throughout the program. Every student selected a staff representative of their choice to say a few words about them. Students then shared a brief statement about their experience in the IB program and offered words of advice written in “The Little Train that Could” books for the Junior Diploma candidates.

“These IB students are an amazing and determined group of people who rose to the challenge of our district’s most rigorous academic program, and completed it,” said Lisa Martineau. “Along the way, they have learned a lot about themselves and each other, and have formed lasting friendships. It is truly a privilege to get to work with such tremendous individuals. I am excited to see what they will accomplish and I will miss them.”

The 14 IB seniors are:

  • Melody Armstrong
  • Alec Berchem
  • Amanda Danielson
  • Ross Dietzsch
  • Joey Dobos
  • Nathan Fischer
  • Olivia Horvath
  • Julia Malecha
  • Logan McGraw
  • Alyssa Metcalf
  • Brooke Offenhauser
  • Ali Opse
  • Hernan Perez
  • Nate VanKleek

Congratulations to these students and their families on their hard work and determination.