South Washington County Schools

District 833 announces February Climate and Culture Ambassadors

South Washington County Schools is excited to congratulate the Climate and Culture Ambassadors, selected by the District's Climate and Culture Committee, for the month of February. Each month, the selected Ambassadors will be recognized and awarded a certificate at one of the School Board Meetings this month during the District Highlights portion of the meeting. 

Congratulations to the following Climate and Culture Ambassadors for the month of February:

Denise Coquyt, Second Grade Teacher – Grey Cloud Elementary

Denise Coquyt is a second grade teacher at Grey Cloud Elementary. Denise monitors data to guide her instruction, serves on the SIP committee and as a DATL at Grey Cloud.  She is described as approachable, and an effective communicator. She is also said to do a fantastic job appreciating the diversity of her students and personalizing learning for all. Fellow staff members say she contributes a great deal to the positive culture and climate in District 833.

Jamie Kirchner, Science Teacher – Oltman Middle School

Jamie Kirchner, a science teacher at Oltman Middle School, is said to be able to take any situation she’s faced with and make it positive. Jamie continuously acknowledges the fact that every student has the potential to be successful, and does her absolute best to make sure that happens. Both students and staff know that they can go to Jamie at any time with anything and she will be there to help them, encourage them, and brighten their day. She is also described as the epitome of a lifelong learner.

Juanita Dean, Custodian – East Ridge High School

Juanita Dean serves as a custodian at East Ridge High School, and is said to continuously bring a smile to everyone she interacts with. She is said to go out of her way to get to know others at East Ridge, making it a priority to build relationships and connections. She is dedicated to her job, has a positive attitude and takes great pride in the work she does. Fellow East Ridge staff members say she makes them better just by having the chance to work with her each day. 

Congratulations to all of District 833's Climate and Culture Ambassadors!