South Washington County Schools

District 833 Academic Triathlon teams advance to state tournament

Six Academic Triathlon teams from District 833 have advanced to the state tournament after placing first in a regional meet. The six teams include:

  • The fifth grade team from Valley Crossing Elementary School includes Sadie Nickell, Anjali Nambudiri, Junae Song, Oluwatomi Omiwade and Iman Bedru.
  • The sixth grade mixed team from Cottage Grove Middle and Lake Middle School includes Grace Knupp, Averi Allen, Sara Anderson, Zuleika Dewan and Emma Arland.
  • The two teams of sixth grade students from Lake Middle School include Haleigh Smith, Lilly van der Sman, Ellie Owen, Anders Swenson, Isaac Miraldi, Isaac Hardy, Dev Patel, Eli Kobussen and Jason Tran.
  • The sixth grade team from Woodbury Middle School includes Benji Zupfer, Anna Adamson, Lucas Paulson, J.J. Minor, Mark Hays and Grant Gribble.
  • The mixed seventh and eighth grade team from Cottage Grove Middle School includes Fionna Shepherd, Isabel Kothe, Julia Kothe, Amanda Kothe and Elizabeth Zewdu.

Hundreds of students throughout District 833 participate in Academic Triathlon each year, a unique program designed to help fifth through eighth graders develop skills that will help them in high school and beyond. Through participation in Academic Triathlon, students learn how to think critically, solve problems, work in teams, speak in front of an audience and more.

Team members compete in three events at each meet: FACE-OFF, a quiz bowl type activity; Mind Sprints, an event calling for more creative short answers; and Party in the Box, where each team develops scenery, costumes, and a skit from a scenario and materials they find in their box. This year’s state tournament takes place on Saturday, April 22 at Cottage Grove Middle School.