South Washington County Schools

Board determines Nov. 7 levy and capital projects referendum questions

Following an administrative presentation, at their regular School Board meeting on Aug. 3, the Board approved moving forward with three questions for the special election on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

The first question is a request for renewal of existing operating levy. The approximate $15.3 million (or $780.72 per pupil unit) has been in place for 20 years and is ingrained in the work we do. The funding is essential to maintaining the high quality services and opportunities for students. If approved, the referendum would be in place for 10 years. If not approved, the district would face $15 million in budget adjustments.

The second question to be on the ballot is the request for $375 per pupil unit additional operating referendum. This request is a follow through to the needed $900 per pupil unit to regain financial stability. During the 2015 Election, voters approved the larger portion of that, $525 per pupil unit. The Nov. 7 Election would support the remaining need of $900 total per pupil unit. Without approval, the district faces $8 million in budget adjustments over the next two years.

Identified needs to support learning through technology make up the third question on the Nov. 7 ballot. A ten-year $2 million annual capital projects levy will support learning needs through technological advancements in educational software and the sustainability of existing devices. The district is working to ensure technology access is modern and reliable for our learners of today and tomorrow.

Future communications will share detailed information about the needs of the district, as well as a breakdown of each of the questions. The 2017 Election has a hot topic on the website, which will be comprehensive and updated on a regular basis.