South Washington County Schools

Improvements being made to the core facilities of Cottage Grove and Lake middle schools

Also part of the 2015 Bond Referendum are improvements and space issues to accommodate capacity needs and equity issues of existing middle schools.

Both Cottage Grove and Lake middle schools will be receiving improvements to orchestra spaces, media centers, performance spaces, cafeterias and group learning spaces.

Each of these schools has a capacity of 1,300 students.

January 2017 Update

Most of the design has been completed, with continued review of the performance spaces and media centers. The media centers are being converted to collaborative learning spaces. In addition to the conversation about the space, staff have been looking at furniture design that helps to create personalized learning spaces. Due to budget constraints, the furniture may be purchased on a phased-in basis. The raised platform for a stage has been eliminated from the design for the performance space. This will enable improved lighting and the possible extension of the performance space if it were level to the floor. 

Progress on design is progressing according to schedule to meet the previously identified timeframes for bids and contract awards.

Addition and improvements being made at Woodbury Middle School

With the goal of serving 1,300 students in each of the district’s four middle schools, Woodbury Middle School is set for an addition to expand from the current capacity of 1,080 to potentially serve 1,300 students. As a result, included for improvements will be a connecting “link” of middle school classrooms between Woodbury Elementary and Woodbury Middle School.

The school will also receive enhancements to its orchestra space, cafeteria and group learning spaces. Progress is being made and with ongoing conversations, a new requirement to relocate the dish room into the kitchen and replace the 25-year-old equipment will likely be covered by the projected budget surplus of more than $500K for the entire Woodbury Middle School Project.

Ongoing presentations are being made at School Board meetings. Most recent presentations have been Nov. 3 and Dec. 15.