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The Strategic Planning process has led to the launch of the Partners in Education program in District 833. This web-based program answers two important questions that community partners frequently ask:

How can we help support education and who do we contact?

If you are a community organization, business or group in the community that is interested in becoming a partner, click here to complete a brief application. You will receive an approval email and a link to a registration page to create a partner profile. Refer to the district's partnership planning process and toolkit below to support your partnership development.

If your organization is already a registered partner, log-in here to access the Partners in Education program. You can search for school resource requests, post your resource offers, and track partner outcomes.

If you are a staff member in South Washington County Schools, create and set up your account here.

If you are a staff member in the district and already have an account set up, log in to your Partners in Education account here.

Partnership Planning Process

Family School Community Circle


This page outlines steps for interested schools, businesses, or other community organizations to move forward with new or renewed partnerships.


The following are the basic steps in the Partnership Planning Process.

Step Link
Step Link
Step Link
Step Link
Step Link

You can also go directly to the COMPREHENSIVE TOOL KIT that includes helpful information, forms, and sample documents to formalize a school or District 833 partnership.


If you are not certain what type of partnership or which school you are interested in joining into a partnership with, please contact either Shelly SchaferDirector of Communications and Community Relations, or Jodi Witte, Grant Writer for the school district.