South Washington County Schools

School Board Meeting

1.0            Call to Order; Roll Call

2.0            Pledge of Allegiance

3.0            Approval of Agenda

4.0            District Highlights:

4.1 Winter Activities Update

          4.2 Culture and Climate Ambassador Recognition

5.0            Public Comment: At this time, individuals may speak to the School Board on any item that is not on tonight’s agenda.  The Board will not respond to or discuss your comments.  Character abuse or specific complaints identifying staff, students or task force members will not be permitted.  The Superintendent may be asked to prepare a response to your concerns.  Our policy allows three minutes per person.

6.0            Consent Items: All consent items are considered routine and non-controversial by the School Board and will be approved by a single motion.  There will be no separate discussion of these items.  Prior to this meeting, Board members have had the opportunity to review each of these items and may request that any item be moved to the Action Items for individual consideration.

6.1 Approval of Retirements, Resignations and Terminations

6.2 Approval of Leaves of Absence

6.3 Approval of New Employees/Change of Status

6.4 Approval of Extended Field Trips

6.5 Approval of Electronic Fund Transfers

6.6 Approval of Resolution to Accept Gifts

6.7 Approval of March 16, 2017 School Board Meeting Minutes

6.8 Approval of April 6, 2017 School Board Meeting Minutes

6.9 Approval of Cash Disbursements for the month of February

6.10 Approval of Data Switches and Implementation bids for the New Oltman Middle School

6.11 Approval of the student teacher placement agreement with Concordia College

6.12 Approval of the student teacher placement agreement with St. Olaf College

6.13 Approval of the re-bid for Cottage Grove and Lake Middle Schools Gypsum Board and Fireproofing

6.14 Approval of bid pack #3 for Oltman Middle School

6.15 Approval of Grants and Awards

7.0            Workshop Items: Agenda item scheduled for the May 11, 2017 meeting

8.0            Information Items:

8.1 Presale Report for Lease Purchase Financing

            Dan Pyan, Director of Finance

9.0            Discussion Items: None.

10.0         Action Items:

10.1 Approval of Resolution Terminating Probationary Teaching Contracts

            Theresa Lenarz, Assistant Director of Human Resources

10.2 Approval of Repurposing of Oltman Middle School

            Keith Jacobus, Superintendent

10.3 Approval of the Southern Elementary Attendance Boundaries

            Mike Johnson, Assistant Superintendent

            Mike Vogel, Interim Director of Facilities and Construction Management

10.4 Approval of FY 2017-18 Long Term Facilities, Debt Service & Trust Fund

            Dan Pyan, Director of Finance

10.5 Approval of FY 2016-17 Revised Budget

            Dan Pyan, Director of Finance

11.0      Reports and Comments:

            11.1 Superintendent’s Report

11.2 Student School Board Member Reports

  • Melody Armstrong, PHS
  • Nidhi Jariwala, WHS
  • Hayden Schulz, ERHS

12.0      Future Meeting Dates:

12.1 May 11, 2017 – School Board Meeting (DSC/6:30 p.m.)

12.2 May 25, 2017 – School Board Meeting (DSC/6:30 p.m.)

13.0      Adjournment

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