South Washington County Schools

PLC Success Criteria & Support

This page is designed to help educators in the South Washington County School District implement Professional Learning Communities (PLC's).  Educators will find information about PLC Success Criteria and supporting videos/resources for effective implementation.

PLC Success Criteria

This document was created to help demonstrate a vision of effective PLC's in 833.  The stated goal was to have every PLC reach a Level 4 by the end of the 2016-17 school year.  We have modified this goal to aim for the end of the 2017-2018 school year.  Tiers of support will be offered to help each PLC grow in this learning process.  The main teir of support for this is the 833 Curriculum ReDesign.

PLC Component 1: Mission, Vision & Goals

This website will help teams establish a Mission/Vision and Goals

This video is about the four (4) guiding questions of a PLC

This article will help teams understand the four (4) guiding questions of a PLC

PLC Component 2: RtI


PLC Component 3: Collective Inquiry into Best Practice


PLC Component 4: Framework

This website will help teams discuss trust within their team

PLC Component 5: Data

Steps 5 and 7 of this page have two videos that show the conversations a PLC might have regarding the use of data