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Fx: 651-425-6318
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9:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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Ph: 651-425-6352
Fx: 651-425-6318
Office Hours:
9:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.


Our district arranges on-site interpreters for parent-teacher conferences and other significant events. For day-to-day communications we have subscribed to telephone interpreting services from Language Line. Language Line provides professional interpreters within seconds for more than 170 languages. It can be used for calls coming into the school from student families or calls going out of the school. There is no cost to families for this service.
If you would like to use an interpreter to communicate with a school, please call the school’s main office and tell them you need Language Line and the name of the language you require. They will return your call with an interpreter within a few minutes.
Classroom teachers should contact their school’s EL teacher for information on how to easily place Language Line calls

Title III Requests

Title III is a federal grant program to enhance the educational opportunities for English Learner and immigrant students. EL teachers can use the Title III Request Form to suggest uses for Title III funds. Requests must be received by the first Wednesday of each month in order to be eligible for review at that month's meeting of the English Learner Leadership Committee (ELLC).
Click here to visit the Title III Request Form (EL Staff Only). You will need to log in with your District 833 Google Account.

EL Staff Directory

Building EL Staff Phone
District Service Center Nicole Lind (651) 425-6352
Armtsrong Elementary Nordstrom, Toko (651) 425-4153
Bailey Elementary Hafiz, Jacquelyn (651) 425-4845
Cottage Grove Elementary Cumblad, Liz (651) 425-5875
Crestview Elementary Blue, Krys (651) 425-3836
Grey Cloud Elementary Balderrama, Linnea (651) 425-4274
Hillside Elementary Paurus, Colleen (651) 425-4035
Liberty Ridge Elementary Briggs, Stephanie (651) 425-6054
Liberty Ridge Elementary Cummings, Lydia (651) 425-6054
Middleton Elementary Kosel, Renilda (651) 425-4947
Middleton Elementary Carpenedo, Ashlee (651) 425-4947
Newport Elementary Tollefson, Carolyn (651) 425-4363
Nuevas Fronteras Saucedo-Falagan, Sandy (651) 425-3864
Pine Hill Elementary Siefert, Patrice (651) 425-3939
Pine Hill Elementary Parling, Francine (651) 425-3939
Pullman Elementary Linker, Jesica (651) 425-3629
Pullman Elementary Parling, Francine (651) 425-3629
Red Rock Elementary Moore, Julianne (651) 425-5666
Red Rock Elementary Saucedo-Falagan, Sandy (651) 425-3864
Royal Oaks Elementary Anderson, Heidi (651) 425-4720
Royal Oaks Elementary Trusinsky, Jane (651) 425-4736
Woodbury Elementary Lusher, Mary (651) 425-4685
Woodbury Elementary Amdahl, Kathryn (651) 425-4655
Woodbury Elementary O'Donnell, Kym (651) 425-4655
Valley Crossing Elementary Carpenedo, Ashlee (651) 425-7661
Valley Crossing Elementary Behrend, Katherine (651) 425-7661
Cottage Grove Middle School Burley, Kathryn (651) 425-6752
Cottage Grove Middle School Hozza, William (651) 425-6832
Lake Middle School Haasch, Angela (651) 425-6950
Oltman Middle School Pilon, Kim (651) 425-6927
Oltman Middle School Swanson, Camela (651) 425-3520
Woodbury Middle School Johnson, Elizabeth (651) 425-5505
Woodbury Middle School Canning, Olga (651) 425-5517
East Ridge High School Karasek, Matt (651) 425-2411
East Ridge High School O'Donnell, Kym (651) 425-2414
Park High School Rossiter, Jenna (651) 425-3769
Park High School Ecker, Christine (651) 425-3769
Woodbury High School DeCoux, Lucille (651) 425-5446
Woodbury High School Savva, Olga (651) 425-5446