South Washington County Schools

Achievement and Integration Plan

The South Washington County Schools receives Achievement and Integration Revenue for approved programs and services under the Achievement and Integration Legislation. The Achievement and Integration Plan is a three-year plan. The three year plan has been approved by the Minnesota Department of Education. The plan components include college and career readiness, family engagement programs, training for teachers and administrators, recruitment and retention of staff, Pre-K to Grade 12 enrollment choices, integrated learning environments and research based interventions. A component of the Achievement and Integration Plan is to report annually to the public in conjunction with the World’s Best Workforce.

The two overarching goals of the Achievement and Integration Plan include:

Goal 1:

Increase achievement for all students while accelerating student achievement for underperforming students through accountability and continuous improvement. We will narrow the achievement gap by 50% by the year 2017.

Goal 2:

Implement successful inter-district partnerships that offer opportunities for student interaction through an integration strategy that provides an academic value.

Achievement & Integration Plan

Achievement Data:

Minnesota Student Survey Data:

A requirement of the Achievement and Integration Legislation is for districts to share out summary data that may be included in the Minnesota Student Survey as it relates to school safety, school engagement and/or connection at school. We have highlighted questions from the Minnesota Student Survey aligned with these areas. Click here for the full results of the Minnesota Student Survey for District 833.