South Washington County Schools

World's Best Workforce: Summary Report 2015-16

South Washington County Schools is sharing its 2015-16 World's Best Workforce Summary Report through the infographic below. 

The team responsible for reporting on the World’s Best Workforce 2015-16 has worked to combine the traditional requirements of the annual report on curriculum and instruction, reporting on the district’s new strategic plan, Together We Are SoWashCo, and the requirements of the World’s Best Workforce Report Summary.

The strategic plan remains the guiding document for the school district. The World’s Best Workforce Summary Report is a document that continues to be reviewed and updated and aligns to the strategic plan.

This summary includes progress toward improving teaching and learning and striving to meet the World’s Best Workforce goals, specifically progress toward: closing the achievement gap; all students ready for kindergarten; all students in third grade achieving grade-level literacy; all students attaining career and college readiness before graduating from high school (once data is received from the state); and all students graduating from high school (once data is received from the state).

An additional requirement of the state of Minnesota’s World’s Best Workforce Legislation is a public meeting, which was held on Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2016. 

World's Best Workforce Summary Report Infographic, Links to PDF