South Washington County Schools

Strategic Planning

Beginning in February of 2016, a Strategic Plan Steering Committee met to begin a redesign of the district’s expiring strategic plan. Since that time, the steering committee gathered input from hundreds of stakeholders, developed a drafted plan and presented a final document to the School Board for approval.

The plan, Together we are SoWashCo, considered the thoughts of a larger Strategic Planning Team, inclusive of parents, students, teachers, support staff, School Board and District administration. While the mission remains the same for the district, being “committed to igniting a passion for lifelong learning,” a refined focus will be on the enhancement of personalization for students, and climate and culture for both students and staff.

The plan includes the mission, core values and strategic objectives, with priority statements developed for the focus areas of personalization, climate and culture for students, and climate and culture for staff. by Action Planning teams.

Once approved by the School Board, work on the priority statements will begin.

Questions about each of the strategic objectives can be directed to the following people:

Personalization – Brian Boothe, Director of Professional Development and Accountability and Matt Dorschner, Director of Teaching and Learning Services

Climate and Culture for Students – Mike Johnson, Assistant Superintendent for Academic Excellence and Accountability

Climate and Culture for Staff – Kristine Schaefer, Equity and Integration Coordinator