South Washington County Schools

Referendum Questions

At the August 3 School Board meeting, the school approved parameters for three questions for the November 7 ballot. The questions that will appear on the ballot were approved by the School Board on August 17. See sample ballots here.

More information about each of the three questions is below:

Ballot Question 1: Operating Levy Renewal of $780.72/Pupil or $15.3 Million

Renewal of the levy would allow the district to maintain the current level of high-quality educational services, ensure operating funds are in place to continue maintenance and programming for all schools, and maintain effective class sizes for a positive learning environment. 

This referendum has been in place for 20 years and would result in no tax increase. 

Without the passage of question one, the district would have $15 million in budget adjustments. 

Ballot Question 2: Additional Levy of $375/Pupil or $7.5 Million

Approval of question two would increase the general fund of the district by $7.5 million, supporting the financial health of the district. 

The priorities for the additional funding include restoring the general fund balance to align with School Board policy, enhancing educational programs and opportunities, and training and supporting high-quality staff. 

If question two fails, South Washington County Schools would face as much as $8 million in budget reductions over the next two years. Potential cuts could impact class sizes, program offerings, athletics and activities.

Ballot Question 3: $2 Million/Year Capital Projects Levy

Approval of question three would support learning needs through technological advancements in educational software and modernizing aging devices. 

It would approve a $2 million levy annually for the next 10 years. 

Without the additional funding through the levy, the general fund would have to offset costs. These items are the cost of providing technology to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s learners through modern and reliable technology. 

If you have any questions email info@sowashco.org.